Keynote Speaking

Dimensions of Success (KN: DOS)

In this 45 minutes keynote, the audience will be inspired and motivated to reach higher in their success by understanding the 5 dimensions of Success:

  1. How to unleash their Potential?
  2. Understanding their personal Preference
  3. Fine-tuning their Focus
  4. Building up their ECO system
  5. Have great ONEness with stronger congruency.


The Making of a Corporate Athlete (KN: MCA)

The demands on corporate executives are ever increasing. There are some who will perform under pressure while some crumble under stress. In this 45 minutes keynote, corporate executives will learn and apply practical tools to increase their capacities:

  1. Physical Capacity
  2. Mental Capacity
  3. Emotional Capacity
  4. Spiritual Capacity


Communicate and Deliver Values (KN: CDV)

The biggest challenge for every company and sales professional is how to communicate and deliver the greatest values to the customers. In this 45 minutes keynote, the audience will learn about the different types of value and how to deliver them:

  1. Direct Values
  2. Indirect Values
  3. Perceived Values
  4. Long term Values
  5. Priceless Values
  6. Partnership Values


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